How to be Happy ? Happiness is a choice


how to be happy, choose happiness
how to be happy, choose happiness quote


How to Be Happy ? Happiness is a choice !


Happiness is a choice yes ! A decision you make, an intention you take, a feeling you radiate from within,
a way of living you choose, a positive energy you radiate,
a vibration of joy that you shine in & out, and that attracts more happiness to you through people, situations, places,…


Happiness doesn’t come from things you want but through the feeling of having and living the things you want,
Make the intention to feel happy right here and now, no matter what’s happen in your life !


Even when life is tricky, you can always choose to be happy ! Just because, again, happiness is a feeling that comes from you, live within you, and nothing, nobody can take anything that is within you …


Close your eyes,
Let your mind and problems come to you, see them, acknowledge their presence, embrace them and forgive yourself to have let them more power than you wished, and decide to let them go for now, as
something better and higher is awaiting you…


Connect to yourself, soul and heart,
Ask to yourself : what can I do, see and live now that can make my heart, soul and body so freackin’ happy ? Maybe, you remember some times when you felt so happy ? and listen all answers that come to you …
how does it feel ? Truly feel inside of you ?
Catch your feeling and vibrate it multiplied by one thousand, in and out your body…
So now, ask to yourself : what kind of activities, passion, musics, people, places, … that would allow you to be as happy as you just felt it ?
Write them down and take the decision to go for them and do them now !!


As you stay true to your feeling of happiness no matter what, and live in the now moment of happiness all along the day, all circumstances with a lower vibration will stay behind you and so far away !
Just try it and let me know…


🔆🔆🔆 Be Happy and Live Happy 🔆🔆🔆

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