Open Your Mind and Break the Rules !

open your mind & break the limits,
Be open minded & Life Quote


There is no limit in the sky, ocean,
there is no limit in Life itself !


The limits that you see and face into your life are the ones that you, and only you & your own fears, have created, consciously or unconsciously.  


Are you aware of all your limits?
All your “I can’t”, “it’s impossible”, “I’m too busy, not supported, not provided for,….” because  ” I am not…, I don’t have…, he/she/they tell/say/judge/think, life is…., the world is ….”


Are you ready to play and have fun ? Take 5 minutes (and surely more oups) to write on a paper all that come to you ! 
To be  aware of what’s going on in your mind is the first step to unlock and let them go…


Now replace all your can’t, … and negativity with the positive word : Yes I can, it’s possible, I have all time, … because ” I am…, I have …, I believe that…, I trust, I know that …., life is unlimited, there are only infinite possibilities for me, …
🔆 🔆🔆


Break all limits & rules of your mind,
Nothing is impossible, everything is possible !
Be wide open to the infinite possibilities that life has for you, your goals, desires and, dreams ! 


Chasing lights between the storms on Marbella Beach

sharing light storm marbella beach
Chasing ligths between the storms on Marbella Beach Spain

Chasing lights and colors between the storms on Marbella Beach.

There is always the sun behind the clouds, as there is always the light behind our storms in life.



Chase your light  !




Good Vibes Quotes ! You decide your vibes !


positive vibes quotes, Raise your vibration
good vibes quotes 


Good Vibes quote of the day : You decide your vibes !!


Vibes or vibrations : energy frequency that :

🔆 radiates from the inside out,

🔆 reflects a mix of thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitude and actions, and

🔆attracts the same vibration in your life (through people, situations, opportunities, experiences, and all life itself…),


🔆 They are determined by the energy You, and only you, choose to radiate from the inside out, all along the day, and also how you choose to see & react to external circumstances.


You and only you, can choose your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your attitude in your life, and only you choose your actions & reactions !




Choose your vibes wisely, they create your day, and your reality !


Drink Cocktail on the beach, photo of the day


cocktail images on the beach
Drink Cocktail on the beach, photo of the day


Take a break 🍹,
Give Yourself what you truly want 🍍,
feel good 🍍,
enjoy the now moment to the max !




Make yourself and your desires your priorities,
You cannot give to others what you don’t give to yourself first,
You cannot receive what you don’t ask…


And you, what king of feelings would give you a cocktail as a drink to uplift your vibes? (I don’t speak about alcool :)) ?


Cheers 🍹🍹


Aloha Vibes T Shirt for Women ! Wear High Positive Vibes Only !

Aloha Beaches T Shirts, Aloha Spirit t shirts, beach life
Aloha T Shirt Women




The meaning of the word, Aloha is : “Alo” means “to share”; “oha” means “to show affection or friendship,” and “hā” means “life, breath.”

Aloha is a unique way of living, in Hawai, treating each other with love, sending & receiving positive energies. When you live the Spirit of Aloha you create positive feelings and thoughts.

For the Hawaiians, there’s “The Aloha Spirit,” the ultimate lifestyle, or the secret to a fulfilling life, with a heart overflowing of Love, Peace, and Compassion to each one.

We get a positive mind, a positive attitude, positive vibes. and a positive Life, vibing high on life !

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We choose the best cotton t shirt for the comfort, and the highest quality paints to be sure the design will never faded or go away after washes.

The Aloha Design is hand designed on the back of the tee shirt, but if you prefer the design on the front, just tell us, it will be made as you prefer !

Each T Shirt is UNIQUE, made with the highest positive energy to raise your vibration & uplift your life ! 

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Be You-tiful, Be  Unique , Wear your High Aloha Vibes T Shirt, Feel soooo Good and Shine Bright !

You desserve the best !


Inspirational Life Quote about the law of attraction ! Be aware !


inspirational life quotes boss babe
Inspirational Life quote of the day ! Be aware, you are magnet !


 🔆 The more you need to attract something or someone into your life,
the more you push it away & struggle to have it. 


 🔆 The more you give to yourself what you need from what you want to have,
the more you attract it easily and magnetically.


 🔆 The more you vibrate the feeling of what you want as already there,
the more quickly and easily you attract it to you.


🔆 You are already whole and complete,
you already have all the feelings you are seeking for through the things you want. 


🔆 Instead of trying to get something or someone, 
begin to raise your feeling of having what you want this is already inside of you !

You are a powerful magnet of what you are vibing, you are feeling, & thinking … Be aware of your energy, and be sure to raise the good vibrations of completeness.


 🔆 🔆 🔆


In your neediness you repel, in your completeness you attract !



How to be Happy ? Happiness is a choice


how to be happy, choose happiness
how to be happy, choose happiness quote


How to Be Happy ? Happiness is a choice !


Happiness is a choice yes ! A decision you make, an intention you take, a feeling you radiate from within,
a way of living you choose, a positive energy you radiate,
a vibration of joy that you shine in & out, and that attracts more happiness to you through people, situations, places,…


Happiness doesn’t come from things you want but through the feeling of having and living the things you want,
Make the intention to feel happy right here and now, no matter what’s happen in your life !


Even when life is tricky, you can always choose to be happy ! Just because, again, happiness is a feeling that comes from you, live within you, and nothing, nobody can take anything that is within you …


Close your eyes,
Let your mind and problems come to you, see them, acknowledge their presence, embrace them and forgive yourself to have let them more power than you wished, and decide to let them go for now, as
something better and higher is awaiting you…


Connect to yourself, soul and heart,
Ask to yourself : what can I do, see and live now that can make my heart, soul and body so freackin’ happy ? Maybe, you remember some times when you felt so happy ? and listen all answers that come to you …
how does it feel ? Truly feel inside of you ?
Catch your feeling and vibrate it multiplied by one thousand, in and out your body…
So now, ask to yourself : what kind of activities, passion, musics, people, places, … that would allow you to be as happy as you just felt it ?
Write them down and take the decision to go for them and do them now !!


As you stay true to your feeling of happiness no matter what, and live in the now moment of happiness all along the day, all circumstances with a lower vibration will stay behind you and so far away !
Just try it and let me know…


🔆🔆🔆 Be Happy and Live Happy 🔆🔆🔆

Life’s a beach, Life is so Good !!


life is beach, life is good
life’s a beach image, Marbella Spain…


Life’s a beach is a life so good for all mermaid souls, salty hairs, free spirited and wild hearts, as I am !
Never stop dreaming bigger,
Never stop Believe in your Dreams,
Design your own paradise and,
Live your dreams !


Much love from a French girl who leave all in France, 8 years ago, to live her own paradise and dreams life 💛


Play, Sing, Dance and Live your Dreams right now !


live your dreams
Happy quote for the soul


Be aligned to your soul, heart and dreams,
to your own truth !


Not to what the external circumstances are, the world seems to be,
what others want for you, think, and judge about you or life in general…. 


Stay connected to yourself, play the music of your soul, sing the song of your heart and,
dance the rhythm of your dreams until it becomes your own reality, and
so you Life.



Live your truth, live your dreams !


Find your Purpose : Do what you Love and have so much Fun !


find your purpose in life, have fun


You know your path and find your purpose by doing the deepest passion that you love so much !


A passion that brings you more than enough amazing feelings of joy, fun, love, and pleasure,
Makes you feel instoppable, unbreackable no matter what others say, and
light up your life !




All Good Things come only with Positive Vibes !

all good things, positive vibes,
positive vibes quote


All Good Things come only with Positive Vibes !

Positive Vibes represent all of our Positive thoughts, and Positive feelings,
Positive Emotions, Positive Energy, Positive attitude, and our Positive actions,
that we radiate soooo widely inside and out, to everyone, in all ways and all places !




Positive Vibes attract always all the good things your are so craving for a High Positive Life !


Psssst ….Right here and now, what are you vibing?? First thought First feeling that pop up to you… 


How to be Happy ? Choose Happiness !

choose happiness, wake up happy, happy life

How to be Happy ? You need to choose Happiness first !!!


🔆 As soon as you Wake Up, Choose to be Happy Now !

It will change your feelings & vibrations and so your day for the best one !


🔆 But first you have to Choose it,

Yes Happiness is a choice that you make, a decision that you take.

A Feeling, living & vibing inside of you, in every one of your cells, 

that you need to awaken and shine fom the inside out, 

By remenbering all the things, passions, places, people, memories … that made & make you soooo happy, 

By connecting to your dreams and desires that will make you soooo happy to live if you have them at all now ! 


🔆 Once you have that feeling that must vibrate in and out, 

Find and go for all the activities (music, outdoors, people, place ….) that will raise your feeling of happiness all along the day, all along the way !



Make your intention as soon as you wake up to seize your day,

 #instahighvibes and  #goodvibesonly  guaranty !!


Check this post to connect with the feeling of happiness …


If you would love to wear some t shirts that will raise your vibration and feeling so good, visit our  High Positive Vibes T shirts for all women ; They are hand designed, on demand, just for you, downloaded with the highest good vibes ….

Let’s go here :

Let’s go somewhere and let life surprise you ! Beach Road Trip on the Costa de la Luz

adventure life, beach road trip, Tarifa
Tarifa, Costa de la Luz, Spain


Let’s go somewhere and let life surprise us all along the way !

Ready for a beachy road trip on Tarifa, a sweet old Town on the Costa de la Luz in the south of Spain. An authentic paradise made of fine golden sands, surf-lovings winds and a so special bright light that will blow your mind.

A must to go when you travel in the south of Spain, have a salty soul and crave for infinite white sand dunes & turquoise water 🐬


Life is an adventure and a journey to explore from within and outside


Palms Breeze and Salt Life, Costa del Sol

palms breeze salt life costa del sol beach
palms breeze salt life, costa del sol beach


Just go & play,

Go to see the beauty all around you,

Having fun all along the way,

Being so grateful for all the abundance of goods that are surronding you, 

Enjoying your Life in the now moment to the max !



Be Inspired … Inspired by You … Led by all of YOU !

Be inspired, Free to be


Be Inspired ! Inspired by all of YOU !

Be led by your Heart, your Soul, your Dreams, your Desires, and your Own Light




Never by the desires, dreams and light of others,
Never by the external circumstances!




Only you know your truth deep within,
only your heart knows your desires,
only your soul knows your mission,
only your intuition knows the way




Break the rules, Break all limits, and,
Go beyond all the “maybe, should, but, could,…”






Live in the Now to Be Free & Live Free


Live in the moment, be free, live free

Live right Here and Now to Be Free and Live Free !

To Live in the present moment will make you FREE,
from your past & future,
all regrets and expectations,
all sadness and fears …


 Enjoy each moment in all what you do,
in all what is surrounding you, each laugh, each smile,
each sunbeam, each breathe,
each music playing ont the background,




Enjoying your life in this present instant will set you free from the Inside Out