Open Your Mind and Break the Rules !

open your mind & break the limits,
Be open minded & Life Quote


There is no limit in the sky, ocean,
there is no limit in Life itself !


The limits that you see and face into your life are the ones that you, and only you & your own fears, have created, consciously or unconsciously.  


Are you aware of all your limits?
All your “I can’t”, “it’s impossible”, “I’m too busy, not supported, not provided for,….” because  ” I am not…, I don’t have…, he/she/they tell/say/judge/think, life is…., the world is ….”


Are you ready to play and have fun ? Take 5 minutes (and surely more oups) to write on a paper all that come to you ! 
To be  aware of what’s going on in your mind is the first step to unlock and let them go…


Now replace all your can’t, … and negativity with the positive word : Yes I can, it’s possible, I have all time, … because ” I am…, I have …, I believe that…, I trust, I know that …., life is unlimited, there are only infinite possibilities for me, …




Break all limits & rules of your mind,
Nothing is impossible, everything is possible !
Be wide open to the infinite possibilities that life has for you, your goals, desires and, dreams ! 


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