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Choose yourself, Be You


 You can’t control the outside world (situations, people,…),
but you can control your Inner World : your beliefs, fears, emotions, feelings, …,
that You, and only You, can choose to have for yourself, your life, and
so in reaction to the external circonstances, the “outside world” .


 Do you choose to be & feel love, peace, empowerment, enlightenment, faith, …, or
do you choose anger, resentment, fears (death, lack,..), and
all others negatives emotions that drain you from Who you truly are, You ?


 To change the outside world, you need to change your inside world first.
We all have negative emotions as human being, but we all can choose to be aware of them and change them.


💛 Choose well ∞ Choose Yourself 💛




 Your outside world and the world itself will change,
only if you change yourself from within first ! 


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