Inspirational Life Quote about the law of attraction ! Be aware !


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Inspirational Life quote of the day ! Be aware, you are magnet !


 🔆 The more you need to attract something or someone into your life,
the more you push it away & struggle to have it. 


 🔆 The more you give to yourself what you need from what you want to have,
the more you attract it easily and magnetically.


 🔆 The more you vibrate the feeling of what you want as already there,
the more quickly and easily you attract it to you.


🔆 You are already whole and complete,
you already have all the feelings you are seeking for through the things you want. 


🔆 Instead of trying to get something or someone, 
begin to raise your feeling of having what you want this is already inside of you !

You are a powerful magnet of what you are vibing, you are feeling, & thinking … Be aware of your energy, and be sure to raise the good vibrations of completeness.


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In your neediness you repel, in your completeness you attract !



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