How to be Happy ? Choose Happiness !

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How to be Happy ? You need to choose Happiness first !!!


🔆 As soon as you Wake Up, Choose to be Happy Now !

It will change your feelings & vibrations and so your day for the best one !


🔆 But first you have to Choose it,

Yes Happiness is a choice that you make, a decision that you take.

A Feeling, living & vibing inside of you, in every one of your cells, 

that you need to awaken and shine fom the inside out, 

By remenbering all the things, passions, places, people, memories … that made & make you soooo happy, 

By connecting to your dreams and desires that will make you soooo happy to live if you have them at all now ! 


🔆 Once you have that feeling that must vibrate in and out, 

Find and go for all the activities (music, outdoors, people, place ….) that will raise your feeling of happiness all along the day, all along the way !



Make your intention as soon as you wake up to seize your day,

 #instahighvibes and  #goodvibesonly  guaranty !!


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