Be ready to Vibrate Higher and Have Fun !! 

Life is Good, Life is Fun, Life is a  Party !!

Spread your wings and fly high in the world, the perfect place to play! “

Life is meant to be lived Fully, Freely and Abundantly in all ways that you authentically wish it… To truly live, you have to change your beliefs to live all of the beauty, magic and miracles that are happening all around you. Know that you are never alone! You are surrounded by powerful invisible helpers who are there to help you in every moment. Do you know that you already have all the power to create, design and live the kick ass life you crave for?

Hi, My name is Valérie and I am a French Girl enjoying life at Marbella, in the south of Spain.

I am a Mystic Modern, a Free Spirit with a Creative Artistic Soul, a Beach & Tropics freaking Lover, an Optimistic made of High Positives Aloha Vibes, a Dreamer, a Freedom Seeker, an Intuitive Healer & Channeler using my Spiritual Gifts to receive, see and feel the light, truth, messages, blocks, and so much more in each one.

” Don’t Dream your Life – Live your Dreams

My Mission is to help all Free Spirits & Freedom Seekers to awaken their Craziness & High Positive Vibes from the inside out, and empower themselves to BE FREE from all struggles, blocks, limits, rules,… and LIVE FREE & AUTHENTICALLY the kick ass life they so crave for, making any dreams & desires happen !

No Rule, No Limit, No Impossible, No more No !!

 ” Be Free – Live Free “

I’d like to introduce my brand “Angels Luv”, apparel I’ve designed for women, to spread the Highest Positive Vibes of connection, joy, fun and happiness all around the world, and to support you on your journey…  A constant reminder of all the beauty and magic within you and around you.

Angels Luv is a brand of apparel designed by my own creative, artistic, free soul with a purpose ­- to see all positives in your own life.  This is apparel to inspire & awaken you and others to the magical beauty of life and all the unlimited possibility that lies within you.

Each product is designed with my “Mystic Gypsy Beachy” Style, and is linked to a channeled message from our higher power and downloaded with the energies of love and joy through a spiritual practice called Theta Healing.

I also offer:

– Personalized T-shirts, with a style you prefer, a design you would love and a channeled message,

– Unique T-shirts, using your own design for any private line of shirts you would love for your company, business…

SIGN UP To Let the Good Vibes In !