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Rise from the ashes Phoenix T-Shirt, made of 100% organic cotton and soulfully designed with a French Touch in Limited Edition for a truly unique tee you will treasure for years.

☀ This Exclusive Phoenix Rising printed T-shirt is made with the Highest Uplifting Positive Vibrations to Empower yourself & Rise from the Inside Out, on life, as a Phoenix reborn, renewed & stronger, from its own ashes and pains.

☀ An Uplifting Women Empowerment T-shirt that brings love vibes, style and comfort to your everyday wear around town, at beach or traveling the world.

The Phoenix is a Sun Loving Bird; It reemerges from its own ashes-reborn, renewed and very much alive with strength & victory, ready to begin a new life, High Vibing, and High flying. 

As the Phoenix,
when your life and your “all inner and outside world” fall completely apart,
when it feels like the darkest night of your soul,
when you are in touch with your deepest pains that needed to be heard and healed,
You always reborn for a stronger, empowered true and authentic self, ready to rise so much higher & brighter! ☀

Wear your Phoenix shirt and be empowered to Rise & Fly Higher on Life so much more than ever before!





★ 100% Combed ORGANIC COTTON

★ Round Neck

★ Color White

★ Model wears the Regular Fit T-shirt, size S  /  All designs in the pictures are presented on the back of the regular fitted t shirt.

Please check all sizes in US in the last picture and make sure to compare your measurements with our t shirt.

★ Design  printed in digital printing on the back of the T-shirt. If you prefer the design on the front of the shirt, just check the option above 🙂

Our Paints last for countless washes with no cracking, peeling, or fading!


☯ Angels Luv spread High Vibes & Above in world by offering Exclusive Empowering High Vibes T-Shirts, designed with a “Mystic Gypsy Beachy” style.

All Tee shirts are made & downloaded with the highest intends through Theta Healing and Channeling Practice.

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