Life is the Mirror of your Vibrations !

high vibe life, feeling high, raise your vibration


What are you Vibing today? What are you radiating?

Your life is the perfect mirror of your thoughts, emotions, feelings, actions, so the perfect mirror of your Vibes !!


If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, if you want to change your life,

You have to change your vibes for the highest positives ones that reflect perfectly your dreams or desires.


Your life is the perfect mirror of the Vibrations that you radiate from the Inside Out!


Aloha May ! Celebrate your Life

marbella, spain
Life on Marbs
The perfect place to be inspired & vibe colorfully all new beginnings of the month 🌴


What are your goals for this month ?
What do you want to achieve ?
What are you ready to let go that hold you back to your goals ?
What are the first steps that you can take now to go for ?
What do you want to experience and live ?
Who do you want to Be ? 
What do you choose to Focus on ?
What is your word for this month ?
Be it – Feel it – Vibe it!


Turn Off your Brain and Move On !

Turn off your mind, Move on


Your thoughts make your reality,
Your feelings make your life, 
Release all feelings of lack, sadness, resentment, deception and,
all negativity about your life, yourself or someone else, 
Forgive, Let them go to the past, 

and Move on !


It’s the only way to be at peace and move forward your greatest goods and dreams


Blue Beach Day, What You are Seeking is Seeking You !

summer vibes, sea life, sun vibes
Blue Beach, Marbella-Spain


Wake Up and,

Seek for magic, 

Seek for beauty,

Seek for infinite abundance, 

Seek for blessings, 

in all ways, all day, 

and Life will always send you all signs for what your seek.


What you are seeking is seeking you, Always ! 


You are Free to Go !

Freedom, Be Free, Live Free, You are Free to Go
You are Free to Go


No matter what you want to do,

where you want to go,

what are the outside circumstances,

You are Already and Always Free to Go !!


No ?? Your answer is “No, it’s not true!” “No, sorry I can’t”  ??

So, why you can’t ? because of what exactly ? because of whom ? 
The answers will show you what are your fears, your negative thoughts, your limiting beliefs, and all the excuses you can find to not go….

Write them, list them on a piece of paper. To be aware of them is the first step to be able to release them !

Embrace your fears, change your thoughts for the most positive ones, and a day you will realize that you were already Free to go and will be always Free to go, no matter what !


No one can do it for you,

No one is responsible for your own choices,

No one can stop you, unless you let them your power & let them the choice…


Life’s a beach : Enjoy Now, Live Now!

live now, enjoy now,
Enjoy Life, Live Now – life’s a beach Marbella/Spain


Stop waiting for the perfect moment to have fun, enjoy life, and live your dreams !


Start to create your life Now, in the moment present, and

Design your life, and “each single moment”, as you would love them to be ! 

Nobody can do it for you…

Nobody will do it for you…


You are the Only One Creator & Designer of your life!


Keep your Eyes Up to your Dreams !

Positive Vibes High Vibes Living
Palm beach, Summer vibes



Wide Open …

To the infinite possibilities, to your dreams, new opportunities, and

all expected & unexpected goods 🌴


To transform your life & receive your highest goods you need to change your perception,

to expect with “new eyes” congruent to your desires 💫


Change your vibes to Change your Life!

Vibrate higher High Positive Vibes


 Your Vibes are the frequency of your feelings, emotions, thoughts,

how you see life and how you act in each moment.




If you want to change your life,

you need first to change your Vibes from within,

To awaken Inside of you  the most Joyful Happy Crazy Feelings,

🔆 And Let them Shine from the Inside Out 🔆


💫 As within so Without 💫

Vibe Hiiiiiiiigh 💃🏻


Dream a little bit Bigger !

High Vibration Dream
Dream Bigger


💃🏻A walk at the beach restores your dreams !


Look at the sky where no limit exists ….

Let your dreams emerge bigger & so much more bigger…

There is no rule no limit no impossible in your dreams 💫

Let them come as bigger as you can think you are totally crazy

-> What’s come to you?

-> What are your freaking crazy dreams?



Your Dreams are all the desires of your soul

To make them happen and,

Live them to the fullest from now!


Be Crazy to Be Extremely Happy !

Be Happy, Good vibes, High Vibration
Crazy Girl, Happy Life!


When you Raise your Vibes,

and so your Emotions, your Feelings, your Thoughts, and all Activities,

at the highest frequencies of Joy Happiness Craziness….

…You truly enjoy your life with Extreme Joy, Happiness, and Fun 🏄🏽‍


As Within so Without!

If you never Try, you will never Know !

Try, Make it happen
Try and Make it happen


If you never try you will never know! 

–> What would you love to do or change in your life? 
If you go beyond all your excuses to not moving forward…,

Now go deeper, what are you afraid of…

“it’s going to happen, the worst and the best, be judged of beeing, …” ??
What is your deepest fear??

Got it ?!


It’s Time now to Feel your fears, embrace them and go beyond 💃🏻💃🏻

💫 You have nothing to loose and all to gain 💫

Even if it’s just the courage to try and to know if it was good or not for you…


Life is a series of infinite experiences to play, grow, learn

and have fun all along the way🏄🏽‍


Life is Fun and the World the Place to Play !

life is good
Life is fun, play!


Life is Fun ! Life is a Party !

and the World the only Place to Play !


Which game do you want to play? Small or big? What kind of party? 

Life is a series of experiences that you create consciously and unconsciously, all goods all bad, all people all places all situations …

Make sure to live your own unique life designed & created on your own terms, full and fulfilled of love joy happiness abundance and all the goods you want …. …

Seek in all ‘negative experiences’, the positive lesson that you had to learn in order to grow and go higher in your life✨


 Life is Good 🌴 Play with it !


Get Up ! Stand Up !


Wake Up !

Get Up !

Stand Up !



What are your intentions for this new week ?

What do you really want to Live, Make Happen, Achieve ?


RAISE your VIBES Up to your intentions and desires and,

Be ready to live the most amazing new week you so crave for !


Be Open and Expect !


Let your Spirit Soar and your Soul Roar !

Spiritual Quotes, Spiritual life


Let your Spirit Soar,

and Your Soul Roar !


Take time to Be, Do & Live All what makes your heart body & soul

soooo  freackin’ happy & alive !!

with no limit, no rule.


What do you really really want to feel & experience?

Imagine it, Feel it & start to living it !

Life is fun, play as much as you can !

Life is short, enjoy the moment now !

As You, and only you, truly desire it to be, deep within…


Seize your day with Pur Happiness !

Be Happy, happiness
Crazy Girl, Happy Life


Wake Up and Choose to be Happy Now !

It will change your feelings & vibrations and so your day for the best one !

But first Choose it,

Feel it and find all activities (music, outdoors, ….) that raise your feeling immediately !


 #instahighvibes and  #goodvibesonly  guaranty all along your day 🌴


Dream On, Light Up, Vibe Up !

Raise your vibration, light up
Dream On, Light It Up, Vibes Up


Dream On

Light Up

Vibe Up ! 


Stop chasing your dreams outside of you …

and Begin to Connect to yourself,

Dream your dreams with no limit,

See them, Live them in your mind eyes, and Feel them at the max….

until You Become One with your dreams…


Vibe Vibe Vibe,

and Vibe so much more higher,

from the inside out,

all along your day,

in every day, every way…


🌞 Your Vibes attract your Dreams 🌞 Your vibes create your Life 🌞


Breathe In the Now ! Vibe In – Live In !

Breathe in, Live in, Live now, Vibes up
Live in, Live now


NOW IS the only One moment to live & enjoy to the max !!

 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴

Feel, deep inside, your desires of Beeing & Living that want to be alive Now,

Celebrate all the goods and positivity in your life right Now,

Smile Up,

Breathe In – Breathe Out all these so good feelings,

Take theses feelings with you, all along your day,

and find Joy in all what you do,

in each activity you do, no matter what they are.


To LIVE in the PRESENT moment will make you FREE

FROM THE PAST, that doesn’t exist anymore (as well as this last one second)

and FROM THE FUTURE (nobody knows what all infinite possibilities that can happen later, even in 2 minutes)…


So FOCUS on the Present and make it as Fun as possible !!!


★★★ Pssst … when you don’t like to do one particular activity, remember the feelings of your desires in your heart & put some music that matches your feelings & raises your vibes

✨‍ It will change your moment for the best one !


Stop Trying to Get and Begin to Awaken !

Awakenings and Awareness


If you want TO BE

happy, joyful, rich, prosperous, in love,..,

If you want TO HAVE

fun, money, soul friends, peace, love,…,

They are all energies, all feelings that want to awaken and shine from you, from the inside out 🌞

Nothing and nobody can bring you what you don’t have inside of you,
You cannot get from someone or something what you really want,
And Everybody and everything will come to you in perfect congruence of what you radiate from the inside … 


Do you want love? Close your eyes and connect to yourself: What does love means from your heart, what are your feelings inside?

Do you want to be happy? What does it mean to be happy for you, what would you do, with whom, where, how do you feel to be happy?


Take all feelings with you in your daily life & express them,

fully, freely and exceedingly,

🔆 Radiate & Shine Bright all of them, all of  You🔆

It’s who you truly are !

✨Bonus : find & practice all activities that will help you to express your specific feelings