Stop Trying to Get and Begin to Awaken !

Awakenings and Awareness


If you want TO BE

happy, joyful, rich, prosperous, in love,..,

If you want TO HAVE

fun, money, soul friends, peace, love,…,

They are all energies, all feelings that want to awaken and shine from you, from the inside out 🌞

Nothing and nobody can bring you what you don’t have inside of you,
You cannot get from someone or something what you really want,
And Everybody and everything will come to you in perfect congruence of what you radiate from the inside … 


Do you want love? Close your eyes and connect to yourself: What does love means from your heart, what are your feelings inside?

Do you want to be happy? What does it mean to be happy for you, what would you do, with whom, where, how do you feel to be happy?


Take all feelings with you in your daily life & express them,

fully, freely and exceedingly,

🔆 Radiate & Shine Bright all of them, all of  You🔆

It’s who you truly are !

✨Bonus : find & practice all activities that will help you to express your specific feelings 


SIGN UP To Let the Good Vibes In !

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