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Here are some feedbacks I have received from people all around the world:

“Her intuitive connection is truly amazing! I can not express what a great experience it was. Over my years I have received readings however none have compared in accuracy. I couldn’t stop smiling afterward. So much love I send to Valerie! She made a real and genuine connection with me, where I am at within myself, my life and to who/what is walking with me on my journey. What she was able to share and the amazing connection she had given me validation and guidance..that will aid me in moving forward with love, confidence, and courage as I continue on my path” Shelli, Canada
“She channels and sees things in me that she would have never known as we don’t know each other. It was a pleasure working with Valerie, she is quite gifted. When I was done, I was ready to take over the world and was able to let go of a lot of things that was holding me back. A true pleasure working with her“ Mirna, New York
“It was amazing. That feeling which is following me since then and around that day, success and miracles .. OMG … It’s just amazing.The reading and channeling were wonderful, helpful, I was stoned… I was so happy, I’m still, over beyond my expectation. I went in my room with my heart so full with love, no questions, no desire, no worries of course… B… OMG”. Ines, Bali 
“For any of us feeling alone and scattered…. Know this as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…Dedicated to Valerie…For her huge open-hearted reading, she kindly gifted me yesterday.I have never, in my life, had such accuracy, bestow upon me. This very gifted, gentle and beautiful soul, was extremely generous with her time, as well as her extensive gifts. She was soo on point, with everything she said.She found a message from my Nanna who is in the spirit world. (so grateful for what came through) She also cleared a negative vibe, that was hovering in my home space…” Fola, London


“I cannot thank Valerie enough for the amazing work she did with me. I cannot recommend Valerie highly enough. She was very intuitive and have me some amazingly detailed and accurate information. The session continued with some beautiful and powerful healing on a very profound level. The session was times quite emotional for me and also very comforting. She was very easy to talk to and this made the session of joy…” Michelle,


“At first the session was a little scary that she knew me so well, reaching straight for the pain, knowing what to do with it and what I had done with it already. But she took me “be the hand” and I went with her on this journey. She was so connected to me and make me feel safe to let her in. All Intuitive messages were very accurate.It was intense, it was healing and joyful… when I let the tears out, I feel like I got hit by a train. I fell light and shiny and grateful” Myra, Amsterdam 
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