Design your life : Intentions & Resolutions for the New Year 2017 !


New year, resolution, intention
Happy New Year 2017 !


New Year 2017, Resolutions & Intentions

This picture reflects my resolution, my motto, my way of living life for each day of the new year 2017.

And you, how do you want to rock your life in 2017?

Or maybe, you are enough to set some resolutions that never seem to be realized…?


Why your resolutions never happened or not in the way you wished?

The 2 biggest mistakes that often happened when you set your intentions for a new year come from that you are not enough specific and you don’t know your Why.


How to set your intention?

★ Connected to your true self, to your heart and to your soul, to match your intention with your heart & soul desires. Be aligned.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Connect to your heart and feel it from the inside. Open your heart like a lotus flower and ask: what do I really want to live this year? What are my deepest dreams that I so would love to live? Let them come with no limit, no rule.

★ Write your intention(s) and goals and be specific.

What do you really and really want:  To Achieve – To Do – To Have – To Become & Be – To Be with – To Learn, in each area of your life?

★ Why do you want it? For what? How do you want to feel? How would you feel if all were already happening? (Confident, Powerful, Happy, Connected, …)

★ What do you need to do to go for it? what do you need to let go of?


Make a fun commitment to your intentions!

★ Take all these feelings with you and ask yourself: which activities could you practice each day that will allow you to express fully these feelings? (yoga, walks, …) and go for it in each day, no matter what!

★ Make a beautiful Vision Board that reflects all of your feelings and goals and put it on your phone, computer, room, … at the best place for you where you can see it many times a day.

★ As soon as you wake up, and each time you go to bed, make a commitment to visualize your goals in your mind eyes and feel how good is feel to live all our intentions and goals already achieved! Every single day!


Be the Creator and Designer of your Life, and have Fun !!


So now, tell me in the comments: what do you really want to achieve and who do you to be for the New Year? and why?



SIGN UP To Let the Good Vibes In !

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